10 Amazing Artistic Decorations You Can Do Using Paper


Oh, the things you could do with paper… Hands in the air if you stock your used newspapers, magazines or unwanted mail, just in case you need them. Well, I know I am! And I already used some to craft a few artistic decorations on my own. Can’t tell you how glad I was to have them at that time and more happy about the fact that I didn’t used them just to clean up the windows (they’re my favorite tool for it). I actually thought at some point to thru some of it out. Ha, can you imagine? Then I decided to find ways of using them wisely, and I did.

I’ll share with you a few ideas of some amazing decorations you could do with paper, and how to do it, with articles that will show you every step you’ll need to take. You could also use colored paper or professional paper, bought specifically for this reason, but mostly you can do it with any paper and paint over it as you wish. But the new trend says it looks fancier with newspaper and leaving the writing on…just saying…

If you are not familiar with some of this techniques, I hope the instructions will get you on the right track to get started on learning them. From paper mache to quilling, this ornaments will look great no matter what you choose to do. And don’t be scared to try something new, some technique you might’ve tried before and failed, or maybe you just too hard for you. Just remember I’ve NEVER done any objects I showed you in a few articles a while ago, like a fairy well, or bicycles, or dream catcher, and got them in my first try. Just give, to any of these cute crafts from paper, a try, and maybe you’ll discover new passions.
I hope you’ll enjoy these 10 amazing artistic decorations from paper, and try at least one. Have fun!

1. Paper heart

Paper heartThese look really cute, and trust me, even if the article is in french, the steps are shown in pictures and they’re pretty straight forward. Just take a look here.

2. Paper flower

Paper flowerThis looks so delicate, but they are not that hard to make. Just cut the paper and glue it, here is how.

3. Paper butterfly

Paper butterflyI imagine it my a wall full of these cute lil’ things, and I can’t wait to try it myself in my boy’s room. The instruction you’ll need are here.

4. Paper bow

Paper bowI would love to make these to put on presents, they would definitely add a cute touch to it. Make one yourself using this article. Again, don’t let another language scare you, German this time, and follow the steps shown in the photos.

5. Paper snowflake

Paper snowflakeThese would look great in your Christmas tree, but man, they sure are the prettiest things I’ve seen. Get some patterns to cut your flakes here.

6. Paper bauble

Paper baublesThis look great as Christmas tree ornaments too. Have a look at how easy they seem to be here.

7. Paper lantern

Paper LanternPhoto credit: liagriffith
I can just imagine these with some flickering electric light in them, just precious.

8. Paper mache animal

paper mache animalYou already know this is one of my favorite techniques to use. Get some pointers on how to make one too here.

9. Paper quilling


The website says it’s an introduction to paper quilling, and it does make it look SO easy. Here are the instructions.

10. Paper basket

Paper basketI keep promising myself I’ll try this, so hopefully this will be my chance to do it. This is were you can find the tutorial.

I hope these 10 artistic decorations ideas using paper will help you out a bit. My appetite on crafting some of these grew with every idea I wrote about. Can’t wait to see how your crafts turn out, so come back to share with us. You can always subscribe to our website to make sure you won’t miss any helpful articles. See ya!


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