10 Awesome Harry Potter Themed Gift Ideas


You all know by now I’m a big fan of all magic related things. Well, I think Harry Potter is first on my list of favorites. I read it as a teen, the first time, and re-read it many times after, or listened to audio-books. This is just so you know how much these items mean to me. These 10 Awesome Harry Potter Themed Gift Ideas I found went right to my heart. So for every Harry Potter fan out there, these are the best gifts you could get them, and you have 10 things to choose from.

So check out these awesome gift ideas to fulfill your Harry Potter fantasies, or make someone you know one of the best gifts, and something they shouldn’t expect from you. Below each item you can find the links you’ll need if you decide to purchase any one of them. Good luck finding what you’re looking for.

1. Dobby Sculpture

Dobby Sculpture
This house elf polymer clay art work is amazing. It looks perfect, and it’s truly a great gift, because everyone loved Dobby and cried when he was gone. Get it here.

2. Hogwarts Potions Box

Hogwarts Potions Box
The details on these items are so neat, looks like they came straight from the story. The work done is gorgeaus, so a fan will really appreciate it. If you decide you want to buy one, this is where you find it.

3. Charmed Blank Book of Shadows

Charmed blank book of shadows
This blank book that was done handmade, fits right into Harry Potter tales with the well known sign that represents so much for all the fans. I was actually thinking of getting a tattoo done with that sign. You can find this perfect gift here.

4. Harry Potter “Always” Book Art

Book Art
Another piece of art that is extraordinary well made and perfectly beautiful. A message that will always (no pun intended) ache our heart. Get one of these beauties here.

5. Bellatrix Lestrange Magic Wand

Bellatrix Lestrange Magic Wand
There are tons of hand carved wands, but this seemed so perfectly done and unique I couldn’t resist. You can find one. or more, here.

6. Snape and Lily Silhouette

Snape and Lily Silhouette
A perfect wall art, handcut paper craft, that represents a true and lasting love beyond time, beyond existence. You can’t reach a Harry Potter’s heart deeper than giving him a gift inspired by Snape love for Lily. So if you decide this is the piece you want, buy it here.

7. Gryffindor Necklace

Gryffindor Necklace
A beautiful custom made necklace, very inspired, and worth it of the Gryffindor name. If you wanna buy it, get it here.

8. Time Turner Pendant

Time Turner Pendant
It’s an adorable pocket watch that gets you thinking of Harry Potter, but it’s also fully functioning so this is an amazing gift. Purchase one right here.

9. Liquid Luck Display

Liquid Luck Display
It’s not a Felix Felicis potion, but it sure looks like one and only having one will make you feel lucky. It’s a very thoughtful gift too, we usually wish people luck, this way we give them the gift of luck, just a better metaphor than a simple wish, but still, so cool, at least for a Harry Potter fan. Take a look here if you are thinking of buying one.

10. Marauder’s Map Mug

Marauder's Map Mug
And not just a simple mug, this one is magical. When you poor a hot beverage in it turns from black, it’s original color, to the Marauder’s Map painting from Harry Potter. It’s so awesome, any fan will enjoy it. Get it here.

I sure hope it gets you inspired, because these find are simply awesome. Come back with opinions on these items, or just to check out more cool handmade crafts. Or you can just subscribe to our website to be informed as soon as we post. Hope to see you soon!


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