10 Awesomely Funny Quotes You’ll Want On Your Coffee Mug


This might be just the first of many more articles about quotes on mugs, because I saw there are tons of awesome ideas out there and I hardly scratched the surface with these. These 10 awesome and funny quotes you’ll want on your coffee mug are just a small percentage of what I could find. And everyone needs a laugh when you’re drinking your coffee, cuz some of us can’t just wake up when your alarm clock goes off, I wake up when I finish my first cup of coffee, and I start talking when I reach half of my next cup. By the time I finish my second one too I can even smile while I talk.

I always have some kind of beverage in my coffee mug, cuz I also like to drink tea, after the second cup of coffee, and milk, before going to bed. So I always have a cup with me, and 2 more to spare in case I don’t have time to wash. I had one at my office that wasn’t as funny as these, but it was always a conversation opener with my colleagues. And they knew what to give me for my birthday.

This is also a perfect reason to start a nice collection of coffee mugs with all sorts of quotes, from your favorite movie quotes, to the funniest ones. Probably every guest will ask for big large cup of coffees or tea, when they come to visit, and each time you can give them a new one. You can find my top 10 awesome and funny quotes on coffee mugs, just below, with the link, just bellow, you’ll need to purchase them, for you or as a gift. Have fun!

1. Funny sister

Funny Sister
This is a great gift for your siblings, if he/she can handle the joke. Here is where you can buy it.

2. Mug life

Mug Life
In the face of dangerous sleepiness, the mug life is the answer. Get it here.

3. Selfie Mug

Selfie mug
I’m wanting one for my social media ‘Good Mornings!’ I always post. Get one here.

4. Speak-O-Meter Mug

Speak-o-meter Mug
This is perfect for cranky mornings. I would always hold one, cuz my lil’ guy wakes really early. You can find it here if you want one too.

5. Office Mug

Office Mug
This office mug should be kept hidden from the boss, unless he has a good humor. Or even better, give one to him, buy it here.

6. Adele Mug

Adele Mug
Not for Adele fans, but for those that had enough Hellos on the way to the office, or home from your car radio. Get it here.

7. Sarcasm meter Mug

Sarcasm Mug
Everyone needs one of these, can’t have social and normal conversations without my coffee. You can buy your sarcastic meter here.

8. Moral Boost Mug

Moral Boost Mug
If Britney could, you shouldn’t have any problems surviving today! What a good argument 😛 Get this here.

9. Fox Mug

Fox Mug
Sometimes I just want to don’t give a fox, I have my own problems, and surely not before I finish my first cup of coffee. Get a “fox mug” here.

10. Mombie Mug

Mombie Mug
Well THIS is my kind of mug, for sure. Told you before, I always have some kind of beverage in my coffee mug, and Wine it’s definitely one of those for some bad days, right after my toddler gets to sleep. Get it here.

These are the best funny mugs I could find, and I also put some on my gift list for my friends. I like these quotes and these mugs look great, the sellers seem that they will honor your orders without problems. Keep close for more Top 10s on different kind of articles, or subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any good deal.



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