10 Most Gorgeous Terrariums You’ll Fall in Love With


These 10 gorgeous terrariums I found, and fell in love with, are simply amazing. You can clearly see they are made by professionals, and every piece of it is arranged to perfection. As you all know I love fairy land and everything related, and this look like they fit right in my fantasy world, but it’s not just me who loves them. Weirdly, or better said, obviously enough, my husband loves terrariums too. I don’t know what it is about them, and the peace and zen feeling they inspire, but they definitely bring some magic into our home.

So if you’re looking for terrariums, and better yet, amazing terrariums, as a gift idea or just for your soul, here are 10 gorgeous terrariums you’ll fell in love with, and their links if you decide to buy any of them. Enjoy!

1. Antler Terrarium

Antler Terrarium
I wanna shout AMAZING so hard it hurts 😛 No, but really, I love orchids, I love everything about this, so if you can see the beauty in it too, get it here.

2. Handcrafted Glass Terrarium

Handcrafted Glass Terrarium
I’ve seen all shapes of glasses for terrariums, but this is unique and so cool. Check it out here, and look at all the original shapes you can get.

3. Reef Terrarium

Reef Terrarium
This simply yells Ocean, reefs, adventure, marine and I bet if you listen with your ear close to it you’ll hear waves :)) Buy it here, if you like what you see.

4. Pyramid Terrarium

Pyramid Terrarium
Well this beauty won my heart with it’s geometrical shape and the perfection of it all. If you want one, you can find it here.

5. Geometrical Terrarium

Geometric Terrarium
The name of this geometrical glass Terrarium is so complex, but the beauty of it is so unique and modern, you’re just gonna love it. Buy it here.

6. Teapot Terrarium

Teapot Terrarium
Can you see how awesome this is? Simply amazing, I love the shape, the colors and the idea. Get one here if you fell in love too.

7. Hobbit Terrarium

Hobbit Terrarium
This fantasy world created in this tiny and amazing terrarium, makes me love it. I could look at one for hours, expecting little hobbits to get out of there. If you think it’s amazing too, and you want one, get it here.

8. Gumball Machine Terrarium

Gumball Machine Terrarium
This is both funny and so cool as a decoration for a shop or even for your home. Check it out here if you wanna buy one.

9. Zen Garden Terrarium

Zen Garden Terrarium
This Zen Garden terrarium inspires peace and relaxation, great as a gift idea, or just for yourself, instead of getting a plain regular zen garden in your house. So, this is where you can get one.

10. Necklace Terrarium

Necklace Terrarium
I just love this idea, and I have to have one, definitely on my wish list I should send to my husband. The tiny Marimo plant fits perfectly there, and looks amazing. Get one here, definitely worth it.

I’m declaring myself a number one fan! These are great finds, if I may say so myself, so I hope it helps you too. For more finds like this keep visiting us, or just subscribe to our website to get the news in your mail and make sure you don’t miss any good articles. See you around!


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