10 Prettiest Felt Christmas Ornaments Deals


Everybody is waiting to put their Christmas decorations up, and so am I. And for those that have toddlers, or pets, or stumbling kids, or two left feet, or just enjoy great handmade items, like I do, these 10 Prettiest Felt Christmas Ornaments Deals are just for them. Though babies are best to avoid these as they can easily eat them and choke. We own a plastic Christmas tree for various reasons, cleaning is one of them, besides the fact that real trees that are dense and beautiful are too expensive, and also to make sure at least ONE tree is not cut for me. My toddler will receive a Big Felt Christmas Tree with 25 felt ornaments included, so these come in handy if we want to change his ornaments a bit or if he wants to get included in the making of the big plastic Christmas tree. In any case he’ll have a blast decorating with us.

So check these 10 Prettiest Felt Christmas Ornaments Deals to get the best deals out there. Like any other purchase in the world, if you buy more the price decreases for each piece. So take advantage of these awesome Christmas deals, beautifully crafted, made by hand and sew and worked with love and artistic skills.

1. Needle Felted Christmas Ornaments Set

These super cute needle felted ornaments set are just beautifully made, so detailed and pretty, that I’m not sure my toddler can fully appreciate them.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

2. Set of 9 Felt Christmas Ornaments

They say you need to keep away from babies, obviously, AND children’s reach, which in my opinion if THESE can’t be used by toddlers, at least, then you should not put up a tree at ALL. But let’s face it, you don’t give them to your toddler to chew, or to play with it like any other toy he has. No, you enjoy Christmas decorating with him and the ornaments will stay put until the middle of January, or so, or that’s out case anyway. Yes they’ll look at them and change places from time to time, but I can’t imagine these being more dangerous than glass ornaments, that I KNOW you own. All in all this is a great deal.Click here to check it out & purchase options.

3. Felt Christmas Ornaments – 6 pack

You can’t say no to these handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments, with fine details and pretty design can also be great as a gift.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

4. Bucilla Snowflake Snowman Felt Ornaments Kit

I love this idea of making your own Felt ornaments. You get everything you need in your kit pack, you just assemble them like a puzzle, sew and ready to put in your tree. I also love the blue design and cute ornaments. And making them myself is definitely a nice twist to it.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

5. 12 Pieces Red and White Felt Christmas Ornaments

Very cute Red and White Christmas themed ornaments that will look great in your tree or will be greatly appreciated as a gift.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

6. Set of 3 Felt Christmas Ornaments

Adorable Santa themed felt ornaments with cute design representing Santa, Rudolf and Santa’s house will definitely be welcomed by anyone, from toddler to adult.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

7. Set of 3 Cheery Felt Christmas Ornaments

Another great selection of cute felt ornaments that are worth having and will make your tree look cheery as it should.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

8. Cute Felt Christmas Ornaments

Awesome hand made details on these ones, and you get a great deal if you buy all 5 designs. A bit more detailed than anything you’ve seen so far, so clearly a lot more work to them.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

9. Unique colored Felt Christmas Ornaments

Another great deal for ordering all 16 of these Red, Gray and White ornaments, and every one of them is the cutest thing you ever saw. I’m sure you can appreciate the work and how time consuming these are to made, so order fast. Though, as with everything else you buy after November, the order may not arrive in time. Christmas expeditions are jammed, I’m suspecting Santa is using private or postal shipping as well, he could not possibly make it on time with all the presents he need to deliver.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

10. Felt Ornaments for Felt Tree

These can be made with velcro so it can get easily attached to a Felt Christmas Tree, or with a ribbon Loop for your Regular Tree. Either way they will look so nice and your kids will enjoy having their own decorations and not be bothered by constant reminder “don’t drop that, don’t touch it, be careful with it” of their parents.
Click here to check it out & purchase options.

I sure know what I’ll get myself and my family friends for Christmas, especially those with kids, at least one of these 10 Pretties Felt Christmas Ornaments Deals. I hope this got you inspired too, I guarantee you will love them, and a plus to them is that they don’t break, so they don’t need replacement. See you around for more great gift ideas.


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