5 Easy Crafts For Your Kids To Do On New Year’s Eve


So if you run out of ideas, assuming you checked out my other article about 5 Fun Activities For Everyone To Do On New Year’s Eve, you could really need more help with entertaining your kids, so we brought to you these 5 Easy Carfts for Your Kids To Do On New Year’s Eve. This should be organized days ahead, in case you need to shop for things, so decide on the activities and crafts you want to include that day, and start stacking up on materials to have everything ready by then. You might not find everything you want, as everyone, for some reason, buys confetti this time of year.

Check out these 5 Easy Crafts For Your Kids To Do On New Year’s Eve , make a list of what you have at home and what you’ll need to buy as soon as possible. Include back-up plans in case you are missing on some materials, improvise or look for another craft (if you didn’t already choose all). I hope your kids will have fun!

1. Party Hat

Photo credit: Jumpstart

You’ll need construction paper, sparkles and stones, colored ribbons, glue and scissors. You can find the full instruction here. Just let each kid decorate their own party hat.

2.Party Shakers

They can glue 2 paper plates together, after putting rice inside, and a stick on one side, for easy hold. They can decorate with sparkles, stones, colored buttons, ribbons, anything you can find, I assure you they’ll have fun doing it. Let them add the numbers for the new year in the end. The noise is not too much to handle, and they’ll have fun playing with it while all the grown ups are sparkling their own noisy fireworks.

3. Firework Rings

Photo credit: Fantasticfunandlearning

You can use tinsel stems, or pipe cleaners, and follow these instruction here, to find out how to make them. Kids will enjoy them and will have fun making them.

4. Wishing Wand

Photo credit: Babycentre

You can find the instructions here, but really you can improvise with any stick and shape you can think of, as long as they can decorate it with sparkles and ribbons, I can guarantee they will love these.

5. Masquerade Masks

Photo credit: Modernmami

People usually celebrated New Year’s Eve with a masquerade ball, so your kids can make masks for their own ball. Decorating the masks will be their tasks, and you can follow the instructions here.

You can check out these photo booth props for some amazing photo memories with your kids:

Photo Booth Props1

Photo Booth Props2

Photo Booth Props3

I hope you enjoy these 5 Easy Crafts For Your Kids To Do On New Year’s Eve ideas and get inspired to keep your kids busy that day. Let us know how much fun your kids had with these, or just pass by for more ideas in the future. See ya and Happy Holidays!


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