5 Fun Activities For Everyone To Do On New Year’s Eve


If your kid is old enough to stay up late on New Year’s Eve, then you’ll get your hands full as he’ll get bored so fast, you won’t know what hit you. I gathered 5 Fun Activities For Everyone To Do On New Year’s Eve so it can help some of you to cope with the extra hours you got with them not sleeping, and I assure you it will be super fun for you too. A great way to spend time with the family.

Check these 5 Fun Activities For Everyone To Do On New Year’s Eve if you have trouble finding ways of entertaining your kids that night, and also check each idea for additional support and help, with some items I found for you. Make sure you have everything set and ready to go whenever you need to switch activities. I would simply prepare everything in advance, organize them each on their tray, or bag, and pull them out whenever they start getting bored on the activity they’re working on, or finish with it.

1. Time Capsule

Kinda easy, really. Every person invited and present need to have something that will remind him of the year that passed. And every year you’ll open the box you made last year, and put new things inside. It could be nice to bring an item and write a letter to self of the things you did that year, or just letters for adults and items for kids (like toys, crafts they made or paintings). It will be fun remembering and reading it next year.
This are a few box options, different sizes and models, to use as a time capsule:
Vintage Wooden Trunk
Nautical Box
Trinket Box
Wooden Puzzle Box

2. New Year’s Bingo

Fun game for New Year’s Eve for everyone present at your party. Kids will have lots of fun winning. And you can make tiny present for each win. Like cookies, or party hats, or whistles to use at the countdown, or little miniature surprise toys, or special cocktails for adult guests, or special drinks for kids. I’m sure you can find something for everyone.

Check this out for New Years Bingo Printable Game, with 30 different cards.

3. Confetti Balloons

Instead of fireworks, your kids can pop ups some balloons filled with confetti, and that goes for adults too. You can make your confetti from paintings of your little ones cut in tiny pieces, or sparkly papers, so no need to go buy some, just the balloons. Put confetti inside in as many balloons as you need (maybe even 2 for person, as I can bet some kids will want to do it again) then blow them up and give them at the countdown. There will be a lot to vacuum, but lots of laughs and happiness too, so worthy it.

4. Edible Party Hats

Well they will look like hats but they will not be able to wear them. Put the kids at a table with plastic cover, because it is going to get messy, and one plate in front of each kid. Get some ice-cream cones, melt some chocolate in a bowl, put inside as many silicone brushes as you need, one for each kid, and put colored sugary sparkles in another bowl. The can put they’re cones upside down on a plate, or you can make supports from small bottle tops, they need to rotate and paint the cone fast, then sprinkle the sprinkles on top of the cone, so when it cools down it will stick to it. They can eat them in minutes after doing them.

5. Surprise Party Balls

Photo credit: Cbc

Make a list of things you can put inside of each ball, and make them the same way for every one. You can make separated balls for adults too. Some ideas of things you can put inside for adults: Starts with some bath bombs, start rolling crepe rolling sheets around it, you can even add some money (who would say no to $1 bills? or coins), sweets work for everyone really, but make sure they are not too stiff, so find small bags of jelly beans or stuff like that. You can put funny notes, or jokes, or even notes like you find in fortune cookies, but funnier. Roll around each one in crepe paper, to make a ball around the bath bomb (or alcohol chocolate candies if you like), so they can unravel each present every 30-60min, depending how many surprises you have, and when you start it. Kids can have: Big round cookies, or candy in the middle, or bath bombs, and add balloons, money, hot chocolate mix, fruit snacks, stickers (lots of them) whatever you can think of. They will have fun unraveling the surprises and be curious of what they’ll find at the end. Put some white glue on the ready crepe balls and sprinkle confetti on top.

I guarantee the fun with everyone involved in these activities for New Year’s eve, and I hope I inspired you as well to make these for your family and friends. You don’t need to be the host, you can easily help out the guest with these, just talk with them ahead, no one can really be ok with confetti all over their house, except you also offer to help clean it, or with those edible party hats that can potentially be smudge on their carpet, sofa or walls. So have fun, and you can always come back to tell me how it went.


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