7 Fun Leaf Activities for Preschoolers


Looking for fun leaf activities for preschoolers? Look no more! I’ve been searching and summarized all my findings in these 7 Fun Leaf Activities for preschoolers. These crafts are easy to make, fun for both parent and child, and not the usual leaf craft that you can think of yourself. You can teach your kid a thing or two about leaves and trees, especially how they act in each season, starting with Autumn.

Check out these leaf activities and get started with your preschooler so you don’t waste time, who knows how quick Winter will be this year. So take your kid and start with the first activity you’ll find here so you make sure you gather enough material for the next ones.

1. Leaf Harvest

In order for any of the next activities that I will write about to take place, you’ll need to make this trip with your kid and harvest the beautiful leaves that you can now find everywhere in so many colors and sizes and shapes. Let him do all the work, repeat the colors of the leaves he finds when he brings them to you, practice size recognition and shapes with him. You can even identify and name a few trees while you’re at it.

2. Matching Leaf and Tree

After you finish gathering the leaves you can choose one of each and help him find the matching leaf for the right tree. A bit of a fun and easy treasure hunt.

3. Gluing Leaves Back in the Tree

Photo credit: BusyToddler
Photo credit: BusyToddler

It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not gonna send you outside this time. You just draw a tree on a piece of paper and glue the leaves with a glue stick. It would be nice to use same kind of leaves for each tree, mix them up only if you want a more colorful and unusual tree.

4. Leaf People

Photo credit: FrozenInTime81
Photo credit: FrozenInTime81

Gluing leaves on paper should be easy and fun, and making something out of leaves will only add to that fun. One leaf for the head, another for the body, two smaller ones for hands, and another 2 for feet, easy, right? You can draw them faces with a marker or even glue eyes on them.

5. Leaf Candle Jar

Photo credit: CreativePartyIdeasByCheryl
Photo credit: CreativePartyIdeasByCheryl

All you need is hard pressed leaves, Mod Podge glue and a jar. If your leaves are not straight enough they will rise from the surface of your jar and will not look that good when it dries. So Smudge some Mod Podge all over your jar, but not the bottom or the lid part, and start gluing leaves on it trying to cover all the areas, like a puzzle. Don’t worry if there are tiny patches, the light will shine thru nicely. Your preschooler should have no problem with this task and he’ll create something you can even gift to someone.

6. Leaf Stamps

Photo credit: HowWeeLearn
Photo credit: HowWeeLearn

You can make a leaf stamp out of a long potato by cutting a bit of the top and then carve a leaf into it. The kids will love decorating tree trunk with all autumn colors leaves on a paper.

7. Leaf Sprinkles

Photo credit: CuteAndPeculiar
Photo credit: CuteAndPeculiar

If your leaves are trying to dry out then let your kids crumble them in tiny little pieces perfect to sprinkle over big cut paper shapes that they smudged with glue. They’ll create unique designed leaves that will hold on longer.

A few other craft utensils you can use:
Leaf Stamp

Leaf Stickers

Leaf Mold Silicone

Leaf Paper Punch

I hope you enjoy my suggestion of fun leaf activities for preschoolers and find them inspiring, because to be honest doing the research inspires me as well, and gets me eager to make them with my son. Tell us what you think in the comments bellow or subscribe to us to get more awesome articles like this one as soon as I write them. See you around!



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