This passion started while playing with my toddler and developing his  imagination, creating a new world for him, and quickly released I could do a lot more with my hobby and transform it into my job, so I can continue to raise my son from home while I earn some money and also have a great time doing my “job”.

I’m the type of person that wants to believe magic exists, so when I first saw a fairy garden I understood that I found my calling, and that was exactly what I NEEDED to do, for my, for me and for my family.

I put a lot of effort and dedication in every object I make and sometimes my toddler helps too, if he can’t he’ll simply supervise and approve and I know I did a good job when he wants to play with them.

For my hobby to be complete I had to learn about plants, something I never thought I would do, but ended up to be a fun activity as well, and I still have lots to learn about them.

My first projects were a success and rather easy to make, after I cruised the internet for ideas and made whatever I could assemble with what I already had at home. My son’s playdoh had a lot to suffer in the process. Soon after I finished my first tiny house I realized I had to invest some money into it and informed my family of my Christmas wish list.

Now that I have some materials I’m itching to start working on my lil’ gardens. I’ll keep you posted with my crafts and share some insights on how to make them.