Store bought costumes are bright and colorful. They come with some accessories and make it easy to put your look together. On the other hand, they are unimaginative, are made of thin, easily torn material, are limited in designs and they are expensive.

If you’re going to be heading out to a Halloween party, whether it’s a work party, a social party or even just a neighborhood party, why not take advantage of some creative ideas and make a costume that is uniquely your own? You shouldn’t feel discouraged by the fact that they’re difficult to make, they are not and they can be an extremely fun experience for you or the entire family. And to make things a lot easier, we are here to share with you some creative Halloween costumes ideas to get those creative juices flowing and help you get a cool, homemade costume this year!

With a few simple items, some of which you may have around the house already, some you can get at second-hand stores, you can make real one-of-a-kind costumes. Here are our suggestions below and how to craft them:

Waldo – You will need a red and white striped shirt and blue jeans, a red or white knit cap and some round framed glasses. Add other accessories as you can find them.

Old Man – You will need a button down shirt and some pants, both in a couple of sizes too large so you can wear a pillow under them. A vest is a nice touch and an old suit jacket. For the jacket, the tackier, the better. Use an eyebrow pencil to paint on whisker stubble and a can of white or grey hair color spray paint. Grab an old wooden cane if you have one. Be creative, cuff the pants, wear argyle socks, mismatch your socks and/or shoes.

Old Woman – you will need a large shapeless dress or housecoat, fuzzy slippers or running shoes with support hose rolled half-way down and some rollers for your hair. Put a hair net or tie a scarf over the rollers. Creative touches might include horn-rimmed glasses or glasses on a chain round your neck.

Bag lady – a variation on the above but add some nice touches with a large brown shopping bag full of empty cans, an old coat and scarf and a knit hat. Use makeup to create lines and wrinkles.

Nerd – wear a pair of pants that are too short, loafers, white socks, white shirt and red clip-on bow tie. A pair of dark-rimmed glasses helps and don’t forget to put tape on them. Slick your hair back with gel or another appropriate prodcut. A pocket protector with pens is a nice touch. Use a red makeup stick to dot on some acne on the face. A fanny pack and an encyclopedia are other accessory ideas.

Raid your closets, second-hand stores and the dollar store for costume ideas and accessories. Be creative, have fun and enjoy your individualism! And remember: home made is better!


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