DIY Beautiful Newborn Baby Tutu Tutorial


So… what’s your opinion about a super sparkly super fuchsia pink baby tutu? I think it’s absolutely adorable and cute and absolutely fun and I am here to share with you this DIY Baby Tutu Tutorial (or should I say tutu-rial?). It is a simple project and can be completed easily in an hour or so and it makes for an amazing gift!

I originally was thinking of a lavender tutu for the baby, but when I got to the shop they only had this sparkling bubbly fuchsia color. I was a little hesitant about the bright color (and also didn’t want to deal with the hassle of glitter everywhere), but I decided to give it a try in the end as I am sure that any baby can simply rock this!

The measurements used for this tutu are those for a newborn baby. You can actually customize it to whatever length you’d like depending on where you want it to fall on your baby. The cut out pieces should be double the length from waist to the point you want it to fall (because you will be knotting it in half). You can also use whatever color you want, and even mix the color for a multi-colored tutu.

Beautiful Newborn Baby Tutu Materials:

– Tulle – 2 rolls of 6 inch x 10 yards (2 rolls were just enough for this tutu)
– 17 inches of elastic (I used 3/4 inch elastic)
– Ribbon (optional – to finish with)
– Sewing machine or needle and thread


1. Sew the elastic with an overlap of one inch. This will give you a 15 inch waistband.

2. Cut the entire two rolls of tulle into 14 inch length pieces. The finished tutu will be 7 inches long. If you are using glitter tulle, this will get super messy.

3. Stack the 14 inch length pieces into groups of three. You will be knotting each group around the band.

4. Set up the band. You will need something to hold your band as you knot the tulle around. You can use a chair or your leg. I didn’t feel like getting glitter on myself, so I used a stool that I overturned.

5. Time to knot! You will be making the Lark’s Head (or Cow Hitch) knot as seen in this photo or this website. The band is your “anchor”. You will take a stack of 3 tulle piece and knot around the band. Do this all around the band.

Pull the ends through the loop, around the band.

6. Go around the tutu and fluff each section by separating the tulle.

7. If you used glitter tulle, time to vacuum.

Now, jokes aside, I am sure that every woman that sees this will go “Awww” instantly. It’s so small and cute! The glittery pink was perfect and I think it’ll look even better in photos so never back away from colors like this!


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