Easy Halloween Ghost Crafts for Kids


October is the month everyone gets excited about Halloween. As excited as we get for Christmas when winter comes. But for kids is getting too cold, or to wet to go out, or they start getting colds, so even less fun for them. Toddlers can have lots of fun helping you decorate your house, or can spend time doing Halloween themed crafts. This Easy Halloween Ghost Crafts for Kids it has fun activities I will be doing with my 3-year-old.

I gathered a few easy Halloween ghost crafts and I figured you will be happy if I shared them with you. I will be doing most of these Halloween activities, if not all, especially when I know how much my son enjoys crafts and painting. I’ll make it a surprise activity for each day we are stuck in the house. So here are the easy Halloween ghost crafts for toddlers that will probably help you get inspired too. Have fun!

Spinning Ghosts

Photo credit: Parents.com
You just need some white poster board and scissors. If your kid is good with scissors you can lightly draw with a pencil the swirl that he should follow when he cuts. Draw, paint, or glue some black eyes and mouth on the white paper. Cut the swirl and hang them from the top with a thread on to the ceiling.

Science Ghost

Photo credit: Mamasmiles.com
Make sure you have a water bottle, white balloons, a black pen, baking soda and vinegar. First step is to draw the eyes and mouth of the ghost and try fitting inside about one tablespoon of baking soda. Put half a cup of vinegar in the water bottle and attach the balloon to the top, but be careful not to make the baking soda drop into the bottle. Do as many bottles as you want. Let your kid lift the balloons so that the baking soda gets into the vinegar, and be amazed how it starts inflating.

Ghost Garland

You need parchment paper, a black pen, a yarn, scissors and stapler. Cut as many ghost shapes as you want, draw eyes and mouth on them and staple them on the yarn.

Pet Ghost

Photo credit: Pennywiseblog
You’ll need a jar. You can build your ghost out of cotton-wool and spray some glue when you add the cotton-wool or cotton balls, preferably on a wire shaped ghost. Glue some eyes in the end and glue the whole thing, when it is dry, to the lid. You can decorate your jar with spiders drawing them with black pens, or thin cotton-wool on the ceiling.

Ghost Decoration

Photo credit: Theidearoom
For this you must have liquid starch or white glue, cheesecloth, mason jar, as large as you want the ghost to be, a small balloon and 2 pipe cleaners. Blow up the balloon enough that it can stay on top of the mason jar, this will be the head of the ghost. Attach the pipe cleaners to the jar, on each side of the balloon, either tape them on the side, or screw the lid over them and bent the pipe cleaners so it can form the arms of the ghost. Put the cheesecloth on top of this and make sure it covers the entire jar and pipe cleaners and even hangs a bit over, and then you can cut it the right way, it will look better.

Put the entire cheesecloth into the liquid starch or the white glue and soak it. Squeeze out any excess of liquid starch, then put it over the mason jar form and let it dry. The way you arrange it is the way it will look when it gets dry. You can glue some plastic eyes to it or even some circles cut from black felt, and your ghost is ready.

Floating Ghost

Photo credit: Imgfave
You need white balloons, lots of cheesecloth and black pens. Blow out the balloons, draw big eyes on it and drape a thin layer of cheesecloth over the balloon and you can hang them by a thread, tie it to the balloon thru the cheesecloth and on to the ceiling. So easy!

Puffy Ghost

Photo credit: Thrivinghomeblog
Cut a ghost shape on a piece of white paper and glue cotton balls on it, then add black felt eyes, black paper eyes or plastic ones, if you have, let it dry, and hang them by a thread to whatever you want, and do as many as you want.

Ghost Prints

Photo credit: Craftymorning
You need black paper and white finger paint, so your kid can dip his feet or hand in it and put his print on the black paper. Draw them eyes when they get dry and you’ll have some pretty cards if you want to share with family and friends on Halloween.

Lolly pop Ghost

Photo credit: Onelittleproject
It can’t get easier than this. You need round lolly pops and tissues, thin rubber elastic and thins colorful ribbons. For each lolly pop you’ll need a full tissue and to cut 1/4 of another tissue. You put the small square in the middle to cover the color of the lolly pop wrapper, gather the tissue around and tie under the lolly pop with the rubber, then tie the colorful ribbon around it, make sure it’s not too long or not too short so you can make a small bow too. This are great for treats on Halloween night.

Also found a few really cool crafting devices you can have fun using with your kids:

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I hope you enjoyed my suggestions and will get you inspired to start up some crafts with your kids. You will all have fun with these easy Halloween Ghost Crafts for Kids ideas, I promise. Come back to tell us which one your kid enjoyed the most. See you around!


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