In many regions, fall is nearly over. That is, most of what there was to fall, has fallen. Now comes the job of gathering together all those dead leaves. Kids love to rake leaves into a big pile for jumping into, moms and dads with gardens might put them in the composter, others bag them up for the day they pick up the yard waste and in some communities you can still burn leaves.

But if you want to keep the kids busy outdoors in the fresh fall air, another idea is to use the leaves to make a leaf scarecrow. I am here to share with you all the details you need to craft your own leaf scarecrow at home – which can be a great DIY project for Halloween or the end of the year. It will surely be fun, no matter what!

The materials needed for the main body of the leaf scarecrow are simple:

– An old pair of pants or overalls, jeans or strong material

– An old button-down shirt, plaid flannel is traditional but any cotton shirt will do

– Some elastic bands

– Safety Pins

– Old boots or shoes

Wind elastic bands around the ends of both pant legs and at the cuffs of the shirt sleeves. Have the kids fill the pants with leaves. When the pants are stuffed full, tuck the shirt tails into the pants and attach with safety pins. Use at least two or three front and back and one on each side to keep your man together. Then they can start stuffing the shirt through the neck hole.

A great idea for a scary leaf scarecrow!
A great idea for a scary leaf scarecrow!

The head can be done a few ways. Some use a pumpkin for a head, but it may lack support. Another way is to draw a face on a pillowcase and gather it around a medium size air-filled play ball. This year, the kids and I stuffed a plastic shopping bag with leaves and tied it up. We used a stick for support, long enough to go down the shirt and into the bag to hold it straight up, a neck if you will. Then we used a Halloween mask fitted over the bag for the head and face. Ours is a jack o’lantern mask, but any mask will do. Imagine how scary having Frankenstein sitting on the porch will be for the trick or treaters! In the end, though, you can even just paint on the shopping bag some sort of face and let the kids enjoy even more creativity!

leaf scarecrow halloween 3After the main construction, you can get creative with the shoes and other accessories, if you want to. Your scarecrow can even sit in a chair holding the bowl of Halloween candy. Or use sticks to pose him standing in the yard. Put stuffed gloves on the ends of the shirtsleeves to give him hands. Let the kids be creative in making the scariest scarecrow in the neighborhood. The possibilities are endless here!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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