Top 10 Coolest Cosplay Masks


I didn’t look for these masks to match my previous article about Top 10 Most Awesome Cosplay Weapons, but looking at cosplay gear I run into these and I had to make this Top 10 Coolest Cosplay Mask article because of how amazing they are. Not sure if I have a favorite, I could buy them all to be honest, but these are the ones that definitely caught my eyes and I had to share them with you,

Have a look at these 10 Cosplay Masks and make sure you click their links just under each mask, if you decide you found the perfect match for your cosplay character. Enjoy the ride, you’re gonna need some strength to not buy every one of them.

1. Steampunk Leather Mask

Steampunk Leather Mask
I had to start with this mask as this particular shop is one I really like and admire the craftsmanship. You can check it out for more leather masks ideas here, and you can decide there what you want to buy.

2. Magneto Helmet

Magneto Helmet
Pretty neatly done, if I can say so myself. If you were looking for this, you can buy it here.

3. Iron Man – Storm Trooper Helmet

Iron Trooper helmet
If you are a fan, of both Storm Troopers and Iron Man, you will see the beauty in this. If you decide you want to get it, here is where you’ll find it.

4. Mass Effect N7 Helmet

Mass Effect N7 Helmet
A very cool handmade item, with beautifully added details and colors. Purchase one for your cosplay character here.

5. Jack of Blades Mask

Jack of Blades Mask
Perfect for cosplay, this mask is fully functional and comfortable to wear. Buy it here.

6. V for Vendetta Mask

V for Vendetta Mask
This mask is inspired by Alan Moore’s and Time Warner’s V for Vendetta. Hand painted on a 3D print, easy to wear, and to get, so click here to buy.

7. Dark Knight Cowl

Dark Knight Cowl
Everyone loves Batman, so some of us fantasies of being him at some point. Who wouldn’t want to be a rich superhero? Maybe Iron Man can top him off a bit, but he’s not that modest. If you were looking for the perfect gear to become the Dark Knight, get it here.

8. NCR Ranger mask

NCR Ranger mask
For the hard core players of Fallout New Vegas, this is the perfect mask to get. And you can find it here.

9. Doc Doom

Doc Doom
A pretty cool mask for those who were looking for it. Check it out
here for more details and if you want to buy it.

10. Catwoman Leather Mask

Catwoman Leather Mask
We had Batman, so we had to have Catwoman too. I would really love to partner up with my husband we would be a good Batman – Catwoman “team”. If you decide you want to buy, here is where you can find it.

I hope this article helps you choose your perfect cosplay mask and help you become the perfect character. We always appreciate your intake in our articles and you’re always welcome to give us one, or just come back for more. If you don’t want to forget about us, you can always subscribe to our site and get the notification whenever we write something new.


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