Top 10 Funniest Gift Ideas For Your Friends And Family


You know that friend that is a joker all the time, a bit annoying really, not that he’s not funny, just because you wished you got him to laugh for once. Well, this top 10 funniest gift ideas are for him, and those that can enjoy a good laugh and a nice and thoughtful gift. Most people I know are hard to give them gifts, because most people already have what they want, and can buy whatever you can buy for themselves. In my experience something they don’t see in their own store when they go shopping, so handmade crafts, or just something you put together, it’s enough to make them smile and have a real surprise.

So check out these top 10 funniest gift ideas for your friends and family if you’re looking for an unique gift, for someone you know will enjoy this kind of present. Let’s be honest, some of your friends need a good laugh, they are so grumpy all the time. Have fun shopping, and make sure you click the links under each item if you want to purchase any of them.

1. Teacher’s Aid Flask

Teacher's Aid Flask
This is perfect for any teacher you know, they’re stressed and need a pick me up sometime, or the kids need to have something to lighten the mood. Just joking, only for grown-ups after class hours 😛 Get it here.

2. In Case of Emergency Diaper Glass

In Case of Emergency Diaper Glass
This is a perfect gift for a baby shower, along with something the baby will really need, and that would help the parents. It’s just a touch of sunshine, to make them small, for those cool soon-to-be parents. Buy one here.

3. Funny Wedding Cufflinks

Wedding Cufflinks
Maybe a great gift for a bachelor party, or if you’re on of the best men, this is something a bro’ will appreciate, and if the wife is the one, she won’t mind. You can purchase this pair here.

4. My Half – Your Half Pillows

My half your half pillows
These can be great as a wedding present too. Or if your partner knows how to enjoy this joke, great as a Valentine’s day gift too. Or for your couple anniversary. This is the link you need to get them.

5. Funny Bacon Mugs

Funny Bacon Mugs
The message is cute and funny, so it’s again perfect for a gift you wish to make to your partner, and also for Bacon lovers. Check them out here.

6. Personalised swear box

Personalized Swear Box
If you have a friend or a family member that swears a lot, this is great for someone like them. They can save up some money, but also maybe feel a bit weary to swear so they learn to use nice words instead, at least around kids.
Order one here.

7. Chocolate Toolbox

Chocolate Toolbox
Indeed an useful toolbox for those days that nothing in your house works properly and you have to wait for someone to repair them. THIS is how you take matter in your own hands. 😛 Get one for your single lady friend, to keep her company and help her when in need, right here.

8. Normal Family Wall Art

Normal Family Wall Art
Again a perfect Wedding gift for the cool couple that are about to get married. they will appreciate it in their new home that they’ll share, it will be something for the future of their family. If you’re looking for this kind of gift, here is where you can find one.

9. Wine Mug

Wine Mug
This kind of quote on your mug is perfect for those days when coffee is just not enough, and you need something to get over that day, so wine is always the answer. Get it here, for you, or for your moody friend.

10. Call Mommy Baby Shirt

Call Mommy Baby Shirt
This is the cutest thing, maybe for a baby shower, or just for a father left alone with a baby, whatever the reason, every baby needs one 🙂 Check it out here.

I hope this article helps you find the right gift for your friend. It sure give me a few ideas for the next birthdays. Keep us posted if your gift was received as we expected, with a laugh. And come back later for more gift ideas, or just subscribe to our website to get our articles after we write them.


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