Top 10 Most Adorable Handmade Dolls


When I was looking for these 10 most adorable handmade dolls, I must admit I wanted to buy them all, FOR ME. But I guess it would be a bit hard to explain my sudden splurge on dolls. Maybe I’ll make it like my new hobby and have one of each, some are even too beautiful to give to small girls. Maybe I’ll try and work to make a baby girl so I’ll have a good excuse.

Check the top 10 most adorable handmade dolls and click they’re links bellow each one if you decide you want to buy them. But I warn you, you’ll have a hard time keeping your fingers off them. Enjoy your shopping!

1. Blythe Doll

Blythe Doll
This kind of doll is truly amazing. Its delicacy, it’s perfection, it is clearly something no kid can enjoy fully, without the mother stressing about her ruining it, of course. Get her here, and see more custom made models you can get inspired with.

2. Vicky Fabric Doll

Vicky Fabric Doll
Told you I couldn’t decide and I could go and buy everything on this list, well this makes it harder for me to resist. And could you blame me? Buy it here, or check out more models, the work on them is amazing.

3. Poppy Fabric Doll

Poppy Fabric Doll
Yup, I declare myself a fan of this kind of dolls, their style and delicacy make me fall in love with them. Check out this handmade shop for more, and get this one here.

4. Tilda Doll

Tilda Doll
This adorable little girl doll and her toy, are just a must have. She’s cute and pretty, and you don’t have to spend a fortune for it, a good starter for the new hobby I need to convince my husband of. Check her out here if you want to buy her, or other dolls like her.

5. Amigurumi Crochet Doll

Amigurumi Crochet Doll
This looks like some real effort was put in. The patter is neat, and nicely done, she looks so cute and lovely, you can’t say no to buying her. So get one here, or choose another cutie you like.

6. Blue Lola Bunny Doll

Blue Lola Bunny Doll
This adorable little cutie is perfect for an Easter gift. Make sure you get your hands on one, before it’s too late, so click this link to get it.

7. Tutu Doll

Tutu Doll
Admit it you wished you would’ve had one when growing up. So if you know a little girl who would want one or needs a friend to be with her when she needs someone by her side, this is the perfect gift. Get it here, or check for other handmade cuties.

8. Easter Fox Doll

Easter Fox Doll
Muriel the Fox is the cutest animal doll I could find. Perfect for girls of all ages. Get one here.

9. Mommy and Baby Doll

Mommy and Baby Doll
These two adorable things are so nice for teaching your lil girl how to care for babies and how to be gentle like her mommy. If you want this mother-daughter pair, you can find them here.

10. Matryoshka Russian Doll

Matryoshka Russian Doll
I know some people that collect these kind of things, but I also know my toddler loves playing with them, and stack them over and over. If you are a collector, or you have a toddler, you can get one here.

I hope this will help you out find the perfect doll for you or for your lil ones. I sure found mine. Make sure you look at the entire shop for more cuties, the seller are very talented makers. Stay tuned for more great gift, or subscribe to our website so you won’t miss any ideas.


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