Top 10 Most Beautiful Handmade Bracelets


I had to have a post about bracelets, so I made this top 10 most beautiful handmade bracelets for two reasons. Handmade means unique and if we’re looking for a gift, it’s also a thoughtful object, just of it’s originality. As a fellow craft person I know you put a little bit of your heart in every piece you’re making and that makes it even more special. And if someone would give me a handmade bracelet I would be thrilled. And who wouldn’t be, when you’re getting something that is so special?

On of my favorite designs are the charm bracelets, because you can add charms representing your desires, your hobbies, things that you love or that reminds you of people you love. And my mom loved pretty much any design, you couldn’t get it wrong with her. I know for a fact that she likes wearing them all at once, and at one point she had at least 10 different ones, on one hand only.

So I made this top 10 most beautiful handmade bracelets to get you inspired if you’re trying to find a thoughtful gift for someone dear to you. You’ll also find their links if you want to purchase one of my finds, just bellow each bracelet. Have fun!

1. Mermaid Bracelet

Mermaid Bracelet
As I said, I love charm bracelets, and combining charms with my fantasy land addiction makes this bracelet to go to this top 10. If it got under your skin too, click here to buy it.

2. Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet
And of course we have the classical charm bracelets, where you can add whatever you want and make it however you want. Get it here.

3. Life is Good Bracelet

Life is good Bracelet
Another idea for a charm bracelets is adding word charms that have meaning. And this Life is good bracelet says it all. If you wanna buy, this is the link for it.

4. Leather Wrap Bracelet

Leather Bracelet
This looks really complicated and turned out beautiful, I love everything about it. If you wanna buy, click here.

5. Personalized Bracelet

Military Mom Bracelet
This personalized bracelets makes it a very thoughtful gift or a very dear accessory if you wanna buy it for yourself, because it’s worth it. It can be a motivational quote, or a good memory, that’s why it’s so fun to have one, and you can get one here.

6. Peace Bracelet

Peace Bracelet
This peace symbol bracelet it’s simple, yet awesome at the same time, and the leather makes it even cooler. Buy it here.

7. Love Bracelet

Love Bracelet
This looks so fancy, combining leather and clear rhinestones to make it delicate and modern. I just love it! Get one by clicking this.

8. Memory Bracelet

Memory Bracelet
This Resin Memory Bracelet it’s amazing for keeping your loved one and loved memories with you. I would totally want one with my son and husband. It’s totally worth it. Buy one here.

9. Kumihimo Bracelet

Kumihimo Bracelet
This is art and skill combined in one. I never managed this kind of braid, and this is just awesomely made and looks so fancy. Just click here to get it.

10. Flower Bracelet

Flower Bracelet
This is simply unique, delicate, awesome and SO cool. Couldn’t resist when I saw how well made it is and how it perfectly describes this spring feeling I have. Here is where you can purchase one.

So these are my top 10 handmade bracelets



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