What’s The Best Support For Work At Home Moms


    Since I became a mom I just loved every moment of staying home with my child, and in order to not have the stress of not enough money and a job that requires away time from my child, I started to look into working from home. Fortunately my husband is already working from home, online on his computer, so he suggested I do something similar, and I am, as much as I can, with basic knowledge on the subject. But The Best Support For Work At Home Moms, beside our husbands, are in fact other moms, that work from home.

    Wether you’re looking into doing handmade items or homemade things, or just put your knowledge into something, like selling stuff, or creating using your computer, or helping others with what you know, as long as you are doing it from home, and 60% of the time you’re interrupted by some background noise like “mom-mom-mom-mom-mom-mom”, and always having to take breaks, whether you like it or not, to serve the little creature that convinced you that you don’t want to miss any aspect of his life, you are now called a Work At Home Mom.

    In Romania we have a facebook group called Work at Home Moms Romania (or WHAM for short and their website) that struggled to gather the moms that work from home, and let them help each other with opinions, advice, support and even help them collaborate so they could create something even more amazing. They’re also funding fairs, and creating workshops to help moms learn new tricks and new abilities. All this takes a lot of effort and money, and the only help they get is from us, by donating whenever you make a sale, or send taxes, that usually go to whoever the state wants, to them instead. Everything is based on the good will and the recognition that this group has a strong impact on their business, which only a fool will be blind to see that every customer that comes from this group or recommended by members of this group, is the impact I’m talking about.

    There are plenty of things you can do from home like drawing, decoupage, painting, sewing, crocheting, jewelry, working from your computer, writing, photography, and more. Here are some examples of crafts, fine arts and skill sets from a few of the moms from our community.

    Lenani Drawings

    Beautiful zentangle styled drawing easy to download. One of my favorites too.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Decoupage by Roxana Rusu

    Really a one of a kind jewelry box , decorated using many different painting and decoupage techniques.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Libelulle Atelier

    Amazing detailed sewing skills. She can make personalized towels, or sew on anything you like.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Photo Albums

    Personalized and unique Photo Albums for your most precious memories, done with amazing work and care.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Pyrography Art

    This is one of my favorite pieces, and I must admit, not anyone can do these type of things, as you can see you need certain skills for it, and this is another example of high quality work from home.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Sewn Jewelry

    Romanian traditional embroidery made into jewelry, simple but with style.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Plaster Shapes

    All kinds of shapes of plaster ready for your kids to paint. Amazing idea for parties, holidays and any group of kids that want to have fun.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Crocheted Toys

    Very cute, very baby friendly, and adored by kids. Amazing skills and details.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    Felt Toys

    One of a kind Felt Spring tree as I’ve never seen before. Now that Christmas is gone, people might think of this when they are looking for original gifts for kids.
    Click here to check it out & purchase options.

    So all in all, these kind of business needs help, from those around us, from those like us and from those that can appreciate handmade crafts and items or services that are constantly supervised by tiny humans, and that may contain some heart and soul (some even blood, specially if they work with sharp things) of those that make them.



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